About Graceland International School

It is a great delight to welcome you to Graceland International School. In Graceland International School, our concern is to train the “Total Man” as enshrined in our Motto. We are committed to achieving the highest results possible. Also, we teach our students morality and social responsibilities. Our staff are carefully chosen, all having University Qualifications that match what they teach. In addition, they are morally sound.

Our History

Graceland International School is a private co-educational institution. It is located at 25/27 Liberation Stadium Road, Elekahia, Port Harcourt. It was established in 2001 in keeping with the vision God gave to Mr & Mrs Essien in 1999. The school officially opened in September 15, 2003 and operates both day and boarding systems. In 2011/2012 session the school changed to full boarding system. The School is established to provide qualitative education based on sound Christian principles. These principles are carefully integrated to guide the students and make them useful to themselves, families and global world.

What Makes us Different?

Graceland International School aims at inspiring her students to:
  • Discover and realize their full academic, sporting, artistic and personal potentials.
  • Become well rounded young men and women who enjoy life and contribute to the lives of others.
  • Become leaders, learn how to think for themselves, cooperate, solve problems, make decisions and communicate effectively.
  • Respect others, be open minded, tolerant, principled and honest.

All students are encouraged to take an active part in the life of the school, participating in sporting, academic and national events. Students are encouraged to take responsibilities for their actions, and to behave in a mature and sensible way at all times, both in the school and outside the school. At Graceland International School, we ensure all students follow a broad study programme, carefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum Ministry of Education. Through our programme, we prepare our students for successful completion of their secondary education at NECO and WAEC SSCE, Cambridge IGCSE, SAT and JAMB examinations.

Our Vision

The school is established to provide qualitative education based on sound Christian principles. These principles are carefully integrated to guide the students and make them useful to themselves, families, local communities, the country and the globe.

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide the change needed for a positive transformation of the world around us. We purpose to educate and inform the mind academically while transforming the heart with the gift of salvation. We therefore seek to make the gospel of salvation through the new birth experience known to the students and encourage them to meet God’s requirements for good living through His word”.

Graceland International School Anthem

Stanza 1.
Graceland International School
Out of God’s own heart you were born
From year to year higher you’ll grow
Dear Lord we pray you bless our school

We pledge to lift
Graceland to great heights
And live a godly life as well
Hard work and honesty our watchword
Oh Lord we pray you bless our school.

Stanza 2.
Educating the total man
Our given motto from above
We live to this great expectation
And bring greatness to our nation.

Our Logo

Our logo has been carefully designed to portray our beliefs: The logo comprises of a gear, a shining light and Bible, enshrined in a star. The gear which symbolizes technology, portrays advancement of a Science and Technology driven school. The Bulb demonstrates our usefulness and powerful influence on the present generation while the Bible reveals our Christian Convictions and the source upon which our teachings and principles are anchored.

Our Motto

Educating the Total Man.