Born 16 years ago to Mr & Mrs Okeke of Ichida in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, Okeke Williams started his education odyssey from Clitter House from where he got admitted into the citadel of light, GIS in 2011.


Not long he joined GIS, he made his debut in JS2 with AMC 2012 when he won silver.  Possessed by intellectual spirit of GIS, he experienced a meteoric rise to higher intellectual ladder when in JS3 he won Gold in Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2014.  Subsequently, he was participating in beehives of competitions in GIS and behold it was a humper intellectual harvest:


2014:           Cowbell Junior Mathematics Competition state level (3rd)

2014:           Nigeria Junior Mathematics Olympiad 1st Round (Gold) – JS3

2015:           AMC10 (Silver)

2015:           Nigerian Senior Mathematics Olympiad (Silver) 1st Round (SS1)

2016:           Cowbell Mathematics Competition Senior State level (2nd)

2016:           AMC 12 (Bronze Medal)

2016:           Pan African Mathematics Olympiad [Tunisia] (Gold Medal)

-        Represented Nigeria at 2016 International Mathematics Olympiad in Hong Kong.

2016:           Nigerian Senior Mathematics Olympiad 1st Round (2nd) (SS2)

2017:           Nigerian Senior Mathematics Olympiad (1st Round)

2017:           AMC 12 – Scored 102 (the highest in Nigeria) (SS3)

He is the sole qualifier for the 2017 American Invitation Mathematics Examination (AIME) in Nigeria.

-           Pan African Mathematics Olympiad [Morroco] (Gold Medal)

-           Represented Nigeria at 2016 International Mathematics Olympiad in Brazil and got Honourable Mention


Unarguably, no gain  saying the fact that Okeke Williams is an academic prodigy worthy of honour.  Congratulations Master Okeke!